Private Sessions 

This is more than just individual therapy.  This is personal optimization.  Work 1:1 with me for close assessment, guidance, skills training and coaching.  You don't put regular gasoline into your expensive luxury car, so don't fuel your life in a regular way.  I work with you through the 4 Mental Health Phases that I created to effectively reach your goal in the fastest way possible. I value your time and your privacy.  It's lonely at the top, but it doesn't have to be. There are limited spots available. Contact me for a free consultation.

Extra Services

- Consultations, 3 Boost Services, & Corporate Trainings. Contact us to find out more. -
  • $Vary

    Corporate Trainings Available in Crisis Management, Time Management, Balancing Work and Relationships, and more.

  • $Free

    15 minute Relationship Optimization Boost

  • $Free

    15 minute Personal or Career Optimization Boost

PMH Program 

This 6 month program offers 12 weeks of coursework and 12 weeks of additional coaching support to ensure your success in this lifestyle change.  This program is designed to assess and teach you skills to sustain mental wellness independently.   This program was specifically designed to be done independantly. However, you will also have email support from me throughout the 6 months. This confidential membership is you saying you are committed to your mental wellness.